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On my father's side I am descended from a janissary, an artillery adjutant major, a veteran of the Gallipoli and Eastern fronts during the First World War, and an engineer; and on my mother's side from a palace teacher, medrese professor, public prosecutor, and teacher; with people who wrote, drew and took photographs on both sides of the family.

As a social scientist and civil servant living in the 21st century, in doing my work, living my life, teaching my students and bringing up my child, I am happy if I am able to pass on what I learnt from my family and keep their experiences alive in their name.

I greet past and future generations in the name of all those people I have mentioned above!



With Esin Kuntay “Girl Child Commercial “Sex Workers” under eighteen in Istanbul” (Istanbul’da On Sekiz Yasindan Kucuk Ticari “Seks Iscisi” Kiz Cocuklar) 2005, Istanbul: Baglam Press. 196 pages, with an album of 9 photographs. >>>>>

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